Kubuntu Artful Cycle work – Part1

This cycle I’ve decided to look at what art and design I can improve in Kubuntu. The first was having something we’ve never had, a wallpaper contest that’s available to ALL users. We’re encouraging all our artist users to submit art ranging from digital, photographic, and beyond! You all have till June 8 to submit your wonderful and artful work.

I’ve also taken a look at our slideshow in its current state:

After a weekend, a few extra days and some great feedback from both our Kubuntu community and the KDE VDG, I’m really pleased with the improvement. It’s based on the work the Ubuntu Budgie team have done on their slideshow so a HUGGGGEEEE shout out to them for their great work. Here is the current WIP state:

Currently the work is in my own branch, of the ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu package on Launchpad. Once I’ve mostly finished and we’ve gotten some feedback, I’ll send a merge request to put it in the main package and brought to you for Kubuntu 17.10.


  1. Much, MUCH better! I like how it’s less abstract to the user and more helpful and direct. Very much needed!


    1. Thanks! This is was a bit of a headache as I’m not used to that much CSS but I feel like it was all worth it! 17.10 will be truly artful! xD


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