LFNW 2017!

LinuxFest NorthWest was a fantastic time for me, our Ubuntu booth had Valorie (Kubuntu), Simon (Kubuntu/Lubuntu) and over at the Jupiter Broadcasting we had the awesome Martin Wimpress (Ubuntu Mate). One top question was “what about that Unity news” which we gave a clear answer about Unity development ending and the move to GNOME. Since we were also burning DVD’s and dding usb drives we would recommend that users try out GNOME Shell if GNOME was their preferred Desktop.





We had plenty of bonding experience as part of the Kubuntu team, both forming new memories together and reliving others times at previous conferences. Since I had brought the lovely Card Against Humanity and the System 76 folks had a just great BBQ at their hotel the first night we took full advantage of the deck.





While he had our fun we did have work done like some work on our Installer Slideshow, and 2(two) Pull Requests from Simon for the Kubuntu Manual. One was to fix a lot of warnings that would happen when you run any of the ‘make’ commands and other was enabling Travis CI support! So now every time that we push anything to our github it runs ‘make html/epub/latexpdf’ automatically.

The ever amazing Ubuntu Community helped this happen so please do donate if you have a few extra dollars to help send more people to conferences to work together in person. These in person meetings help our teams bond and work even better together.


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