SeaGL 2016

I’d like to first thank the amazing Ubuntu community for funding this trip to promote all *buntu’s, provide a face to face for Ubuntu, Kubuntu, and Lubuntu contributors to plan the next cycle and more to come!

After the booth was up and running with people from Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Lubuntu. We had machines running Kubuntu, Lubuntu and a few devices with Ubuntu Touch. We were also showing off both gaming on *buntu and how well the Steam Controller works with it.

Currently Kubuntu does not have a Release Manager and as such we have started talking to Lubuntu’s Walter (wxl) as he has been working as Lubuntu’s RM for a few releases. We quickly realized that we don’t have any documentation on how that is handled. Thanks to Walter we now have a great starting point on how releases are normally worked out, we’ll have to see if Kubuntu needs any extra steps but it’s a step in the right direction.


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