My first script

I reinstall my system every couple of months or so and installing all my tools, software can be annoying. As such I’ve taken this as a sign to make my first script do something helpful for me. It goes though a clean menu giving me choices of office suites, graphic tools, and browsers that I use daily. It’s pretty basic I think at the moment but I’m proud of it, I’ve even added snap support recently for installing inkscape as a snap.


I’d like to credit Marius Quabeck for his cool magic-device-tool as I’ve used it to learn quite a lot about bash scripts.


  1. Hi Aaron

    Thanks for the post. Any chance of seeing the script or knowing what tools and programmes you favour please?

    Also would love to know why you reload your system?




    1. It’s up on my github:
      I’ve moved from using nano, gedit, or kate depending on what system I’m on.
      I have reinstalled because I broke something or just want to try something new, or test a beta, RC release of Ubuntu. I never try out alpha builds or anything too crazy.


    1. Feel free to fork mine and make your own, it’s licences as GPLv3.


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