Plasma features – The endless search Pt.1

I’ll start this off with mentioning that I’m on Plasma 5.7.2 so you might not see these features (yet!).


Since I started working with a global team I’ve hit the unforgiving thing called Time Zones, so my first feature will be covering the ‘Digital Clock’ widget. I’m sorry to report that those of you who love that ‘Fuzzy Clock’ widget are missing this feature. With this widget I can add Time Zones by simply right-clicking the widget if it’s one of your panels already or on your desktop.right-click-settingsIf the widget is in the panel then you can just right click it like so. (Look above)


But if you have the widget on your desktop you have to press and hold it with left click like so. (Look above)


It will turn a light blue and a pop up will well… pop up with some buttons. The bottom one is the one we want. (Look above)


Either from the panel widget or the desktop widget we will get this window. (Look above) From here we can search for Time Zones based on cities ex. London being the capital of England or my state falling into the Time Zone of New York.



  1. Have they fixed the taskbar yet? How about drag and drop? KeepassX is broke because Plasma 5’s drag and drop and taskbar are broken, and I have to revert to Qt 4 to get my taskbar enabled applet to work. They seriously need to stop adding new shiny and fix the broke crap. All they’re doing is propagate bugs up the line.

    I really don’t feel Plasma 5 should be out of beta yet, much less in production.


    1. I don’t use KeepassX so I don’t know if it is still effecting it but I’ve have very little issues with the panel (you call it taskbar). Mostly just that it keeps forgetting what screen I want it on from reboots.


    1. I’m thinking about, there are tons of features to showcase!


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