SELF 2016

This post has been in my box since the 19th, I just got a bit lazy on finishing it up and posting it sorry!

This SELF (SouthEast LinuxFest) was as great the one before… ok maybe a little bit better with all the beer sponsored by my favorite VPS Linode and Google. I mean A LOT of beer!



There was also a ton of Ubuntu devices at the booth. From gaming, convergence and a surprise visit from the UbuntuFL LoCo penguin!

img_20160610_102623_26997424843_o img_20160610_104832_27572691806_o img_20160610_123009_26997408133_o img_20160610_112609_27533559201_o

I even found a BQ M10 Ubuntu Tablet out in the wild!



We also had awesome booth neighbors: system76 and Linode! I loved this trip from exploring the city again to making n



I loved this trip from exploring the city again to making new friends!

img_20160610_211320_26997269103_o img_20160610_200539_27606537975_o img_20160610_203315_27329392750_o 27329347250_d2e6733091_o




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