Ubuntu app dev – uCycle

Following Apple’s “i” naming scheme for new products, I’ve decided to follow the Ubuntu Touch scheme of using “u” in front of names for applications (similar to what I did with uBeginner). I’m using the name uCycle[1] for my new Bike/Motorcycle weather app. This is also my VERY first time using any API’s other then the ones for Ubuntu Touch development. Since this is a weather app I’ve took a look at the official weather app for Ubuntu Touch for some info about the API it uses, which is OpenWeatherMap. After poking a lot of the super cool developers [2] (maybe a little bit too much ;)) on various messaging services (IRC, Telegram) I have a somewhat usable application:

Screenshot_20160603_234230 Screenshot_20160603_234443 Screenshot_20160603_234508

Of course I’m also planning for the application to be Convertible to different form factors (Desktop, Phone, Tablet)


There has been a few design changes and I foresee a few more as well:

IMG_20160603_235033 IMG_20160603_234950


[1] Thanks to Mario for the name!

[2] mhall119, mzanetti, ahayzen, faenil and a few others

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