Converting to Ubuntu Touch

I’ve thought about an experiment to run for one whole week, using just Ubuntu Touch. One of the biggest downsides that I have thought of is the downgrade from the OnePlus One to my old Nexus 4. Getting over that might be possible but the next major thing are the apps of course! I use quite a few apps daily from Google Play Music/Amazon Prime Music during the car rides, Twitter, Google+, Email, Google Hangouts, Google Maps (GPS), Google Wallet/Loyalty Reward apps and using Hotspot (Fixed in the OTA-6 but I have not tested it yet).

Apps that I have found replacements for (maybe):

  • Oxygen Radio -> Google Play Music/Amazon Prime Music


Using the bluetooth works well though I had some skips for some reason

  • Hangups -> Google Hangouts // missing video/audio chat though
  • GPS Navigation or OSMScout -> Google Maps // I have not used either in a real world example yet
  • Dekko -> Email

Apps that have no replacement at the moment (maybe):

  • While Twitter and Google+ do work I would REALLY love native apps! // I’ve used the Twitter webapp to a degree and it does do it’s job decently
  • I have not seen a Loyaly Reward app // I like to carry as little as possible check out my wallet


If anyone has suggestions for apps that could fill in the gaps or if my information is outdated do let me know!


Also the next Ubuntu Hour in Broward County Florida is coming up this Saturday at Mojo Dounts at 1pm! Come for the donuts, stay for the awesome people!


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