My contributions to KDE and Kubuntu since Akademy


During Akademy I had the great advantage of being in the same room of our (Kubuntu) top packagers (Riddell and Scarlett). Who have helped me learn to package and make patches for errors in the CI/QA machine. Since then I’ve also had the help of Philip (yofel) and Clive (clivejo) in the #kubuntu-devel IRC room as well. I’ve packaged digikam and recently kdenlive ( both need testing in my ppa šŸ™‚ ) as well as getting a new Kubuntu Setting package out there too (ppa) which overlays the slideshow in Muon Discover to highlight some top KDE applications.


I also worked with Andrew from the VDG on a Breeze High Contrast color scheme which made it in for Plasma 5.4 before the freeze!

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I can’t thank the Ubuntu Community enough for funding my trip to Akademy this year! THANK YOU!

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