My forecast for the next 4 months

With energy from Akademy still running though my veins but slowly lowering I’m looking at the next FLOSS (Free Libre Open Source Software) events. I’ve asked the community funds to go to OpenHelp (still no reply yet), FOSSETCON (which was approved!). Now over to just general IT event(s): ITPalooza, which will be my first time there. I’m super excited for all the events! I’ve learned much from all the events I have gone to and found more voids in OSS/FLOSS projects that I can fill ex. Kubuntu Packages, KDE SVG, Plasma Mobile and hopefully more will come soon!

This past Saturday we (Ubuntu FL LoCo) had our 2nd Ubuntu Hour at Mojo Donut which was a great time like the first. I also got a new person to come over that I met at a vBeer the Wednesday before.

I would like to thank the awesome Ubuntu Community for helping me reach more projects and meet awesome people and tech!

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