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Bugs Bugs Bugs

The beginning of the day was reading some social media in the morning with breakfast catching up with the times. While going though my Google+ feed I saw a post that I seen before about the a bug with a krunner plugin. The plugin in question was this which Riddell, Dan and I debugged to find some more info about the bug such as that is effects Kubuntu, Arch and openSUSE so it is upstream related. Riddell provided some info on the bug page to maybe help resolve it later. All and all I learned some debugging stuff, compiling, grabbing source and some very tiny C++.


Then I was off to VDG again to work more on the High Contrast Color scheme for Plamsa 5 with Andrew Lake. The VDG started doing some concepts and design for a new secure login for KDE aka SDDM


For lunch we had the cafe in the University that we used yesterday again. For a starter I had Spanish Potato and Tuna Salad with a plate of Grilled Chicken and french fries. Ovidiu really really disliked his choice of squid.

AppStream/Muon and KDE Neon

After lunch Matthias Klumpp talked about his work with Debian/Fedora for AppSream with metadata to be used in Muon Discover as well as some redesigns for it to work better and look better for everyone. Up next was the long awaited KDE Neon where people from Kubuntu, Red Hat, and others

After Party

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Thanks to the GPUL we had an amazing party with actually good music, free food and beer/wine. There was dancing, swapping name badges and having fun in general.


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This is a picture of us walking to the mall for the party:

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