Akademy Day 2

A beautiful morning in Spain!

The second day at Akademy started off with 10 or so hours of sleep!, which was much needed for basic functions (really happy I don’t have to drive here).  The hotel (Rialta) had great breakfast with coffee, OJ, bread with meat and cheeses, yogurt, cereal all the basics that makeup a great day!

To the talks!

First talk to start was with Lydia Pintscher with “Evolving KDE” which see went over what is planned in the next stage of Plasma 5 and what she wants to be planned as President of the e.V.

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Next up was Dan Leinir Turthra Jensen talked about the work going on with Plasma Mobile from porting to devices, running Android applications on it and more.

Kubuntu Team

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Harald and Rohan gave a talk about their CI(Continuous Interrogation) work.

Lunch and Group photo

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Then we had the awesome and big group photo with everyone currently at Akademy both the people who are going to it as well as the volunteers who help make the whole thing run. Shortly after the group photo was lunch which again was provided by the Schools cafe and paid for by Blue Systems, which was great with pasta, yogurt, fruits, and pudding!

Right after Lunch everyone was right back to hacking some Open Source goodness!

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Kubuntu Podcast reports in!

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After the Lunch was over Ovidiu-Florin and I did a interview with Matthias Kirschner for the Kubuntu Podcast which has a new episode coming out next month on August 5 with hopes of including this and future interviews from Akademy and if not the next episode.

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