Akademy Day 1

Before I start this blog I would like to thank the wonderful Ubuntu community for sponsoring my trip to the wonder hub of KDE development at Akademy!

Akademy 2015

My trip to Akademy 2015 in La Coruna Spain started at 4:45 pm on Friday in Miami with a flight to Lisbon. I was serve decent dinner and later breakfast. I did not get much sleep on the first part of the trip, but the second one from Lisbon to La Coruna I got about 1 hour or additional sleep with me finally arriving at 11:30 or so AM local time. I also saw the entertainment system reboot and show me that it was running Linux! I finally had the awesome experience of meeting some of the people I have been working with for over 2+ years over IRC, Hangouts and phone calls. Today was filled many great talks from our own Riddell and Clark on the new Plasma phone and continued work on the CI end of Kubuntu respectably.On the first day we also had the announcement of Plasma Mobile being worked on by Blue Systems and the larger KDE community as well. I’ll have some more pictures of that in there own blog post and album on imgur later on. Blue Systems has been kind enough to sponsor lunch for this weekend and next weekend. So here I type this blog post with under 2 hours of sleep for 36+ hours of uptime lol.

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