SELF Day 1: Ubuntu


The first day at SouthEast LinuxFest was UbuCon with talks from 3 different Ubuntu/Canonical employees, Mauricio Tavares
and myself. Here is the schedule:

UbuCons, LoCo Teams, and Community Presence: Michael Hall

Michael talked about how to gain more members and strengthen your LoCo Team. As well as what to do at your LoCo meetings.

Arduino Meets USB Passthrough on Planet KVM: Mauricio Tavares

Mauricio talked about using Virtual Machines for development on the Arduino.

Ubuntu in Retrospect: From NotifyOSD to Snappy: Rick Spencer

Rick went over his time with Ubuntu from when he joined back in 2008 and where we are heading to in 16.04.

Developing Apps and Scopes for Ubuntu: Michael Hall

Michael discussed App development, where to start, and the whole platform. He also talked about how the process to approve applications for the Phone have gone from manual to automatic, which greatly decreased the time it took to get an application into the Ubuntu Store

Ubuntu Documentation: A Unified Approach: Aaron Honeycutt

I went over how all the Documentation Teams can use similar languages when writing documentation. Using a markdown language such as ReStructuredText (RST) that is much easier to learn for new users and could gain more contributors.

Application Security in Ubuntu: Why You Should Care: Ken VanDine

Ken VanDine went over the limits and strengths that are gained from how Ubuntu Touch handles installing applications and how it will be and is in Snappy Core.

Ubuntu Open Q&A Panel

A few people with Michael, Ken and I talked about the history of Ubuntu and Unity. As well as problems with hardware over the years like sound cards, bluetooth and more.

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